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            John Hogan
Mr. Hogan is the founder and CEO of TeenForce, a social enterprise dedicated to solving the youth employment crisis by meeting the hiring needs of business.  Mr. Hogan also co-chairs the Opportunity Youth Partnership effort in Santa Clara County as part of a Collective Impact initiative inspired by the White House Council on Community Solutions and the Aspen Institute.  He was recognized as a Champion of Change by the Obama Administration in 2013 for TeenForce’s work on youth jobs initiatives.  He had a successful 24 year career in the mortgage industry, including as a founding partner and CEO of Princeton Capital in Los Gatos.  He retired from the mortgage industry in 2007 and earned an MBA from Santa Clara University in 2009, where the TeenForce concept represented his final project.  He has a BA in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. 

Laurie Greer

Laurie Greer is our Director of Business Development and Marketing.  Laurie has been active in the nonprofit community for over 15 years with several gigs in the corporate environment added to that.  She has Fund Development, Social Media, Marketing and PR, Human Resources, Recruiting and Job Placement experience with her forte being Business Development with an emphasis in creating and developing a variety of collaborations with the corporate and nonprofit community.  Laurie has served on the Board of several no profits as well as assisting her sons’ in the creation and running of a small nonprofit for 10 years.   Laurie received her BA in Communications from the University of Iowa.

Katee Peek

Katee Peek is TeenForce’s Operations Manager.  She leads the day-to day operations and is responsible for maintaining relationships between youth and businesses.  It is Katee’s proactive and hands-on approach to community outreach that is responsible for TeenForce’s successful collaborations with business clients and neighboring organizations.  Katee brings with her a multitude of experience and knowledge with opportunity youth (mainly youth involved in the foster care/juvenile justice system). She is currently working on her Masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Correctional Psychology at Santa Clara University and  is enjoying the life lessons that youth teach her every day.




Elisa Navarini

Elisa Navarini is our Youth Development & Community Engagement Specialist.  Elisa received her MA in Counseling Psychology from JFK University in 2010.  She brings with her an extensive background working with youth of all demographics and developing non-profit programs. Elisa works hard to create avenues for success for TeenForce youth.  She leads the Community Training Program, supported development of the Career Mentor Program, as well as provides life and employment coaching for the youth in TeenForce.  With her eclectic background in mental health and strong presence in the social services community, Elisa plays an instrumental role in facilitating successful job placements for youth and building TeenForce partnerships within the community.

Julie Berkovatz

Julie Berkovatz is our Foster Youth Coordinator.  Julie brings with her a unique set of experiences and knowledge related to youth development and the foster care system.  Prior to TeenForce, Julie worked extensively with foster youth as a mentor with the Guardian Scholars Program at San Jose State University and California Youth Connection.  Her optimism and ability to formulate lasting relationships with youth has been an asset in expanding TeenForce’s work with the foster youth community.  Julie is responsible for leading the Goodwill High School Program and supporting efforts to provide employment opportunities for South County youth.  She received her Bachelors in Communication Studies at San Jose State University, and is an active supporter of the California Youth Connection (CYC).

Thomas Ball

TeenForce’s Accountant and Human Resources Consultant, Thomas Ball, is finishing his last year at Wilcox High School.  Thomas has demonstrated a savvy business sense to handling all clients’ and youth’s inquiries revolving around accounting even though he is only 18. Thomas was one of our applicants who we were able to place in an internship role on our team. TeenForce will miss Thomas’ energy and positive attitude when he leaves in August to a 4 year university.




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